Xe xe Smun’ eem – Victoria Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters Ceremony is Monday, September 30 in Centennial Square

Ceremony will be held from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Orange Shirt Day is a grassroots event that encourages Canadians to learn about and acknowledge the harm that the residential school system had on generations of Indigenous families and their communities.

You’re invited to wear orange and attend the Xe xe Smun’ eem-Victoria Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters ceremony (pronounced shat shat smun am).

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for Indigenous Peoples, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come. September 30 was chosen because it is the time of year in which children were taken from their homes to residential schools.

Residential school survivor Eddy Charlie and friend Kristin Spray are organizing the Xe xe Smun eem-Victoria Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters event, which they developed in 2015 while attending the Indigenous Studies program at Camosun College.

This is the third consecutive year that the City of Victoria is supporting the event to mark the City’s commitment to reconciliation. This year, event organizers have partnered with the Moose Hide Campaign, a grassroots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys who are standing up against violence towards women and children.

Xe xe Smun eem means “Sacred Children” in the Cowichan or Quw utsun language. The official language of the Quw utsun peoples is Hul Qumi unum. All are welcome to attend this free event. 

Visit the City of Victoria’s website for more information regarding the event.