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Ceremony to be Held in Centennial Square


Xe xe Smun' eem - Victoria Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters Ceremony is Monday, September 30 in Centennial Square

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Gabor Matè Honors Survivors


We raise our hands to Gabor Matè for standing with Xe Xe Smun' Eem (Sacred Children) for Orange Shirt Day.

Gabor Matè Honors Survivors2019-09-19T19:45:18+00:00

Xe Xe Smun’ Eem


Xe Xe Smun' Eem (Sacred Children): Victoria Orange Shirt Day, follows Eddy Charlie and Kristin Spray who have brought Phyllis Webstad’s event, Orange Shirt Day, to Victoria B.C. Eddy Charlie is a residential school survivor and Kristin Spray is a good friend and together they want to bring awareness to the harm that residential schools caused to the indigenous communities across Canada.

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Eddy Charlie Shares his Story


Orange Shirt Day is held annually on September 30th, a time of year when Indigenous children were removed from their homes and taken to residential schools. Orange Shirt Day is a day to honour and remember residential school survivors and their families.

Eddy Charlie Shares his Story2019-09-19T17:32:25+00:00

Orange Shirt Day Children’s Book


Residential school survivor Phyllis (Jack) Webstad is publishing a children's book about her experience at residential school and the story behind Orange Shirt Day, hoping people will gain a deeper understanding about the event.

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